Space Rental

Need a place for your group to meet? Rockford Public Library – The Hart Interim Library and its branch facilities provide the ideal setting for small and large groups. Branch locations offered TV / DVD equipment and wireless Internet access. The Hart Interim Library offers wireless Internet access only. Our facilities are conveniently located throughout the city and are open during all public service hours. Room sizes vary and accommodate groups from 2 to 65 people. Rates are listed below. To inquire about the availability of rooms, call 815-965-7606. (For quiet study room reservations only, call 815-966-2748 at East, and 815-987-6618 at Hart.)

To reserve a room now, follow the steps below.

Step 1. Review the rooms below
Step 2. Click and go to the Meeting Room Policy and agree to its terms
Step 3. After agreeing to the Meeting Room Policy, you will be taken to the room reservation system
Step 4. Reserve your space!
Step 5. Once your reservation has been approved and is in our system, you will receive an email.

If at any time you wish to cancel your reservation simply go back into the system and cancel it.

Rock River Branch, 3128 11th St.
Program Room:

Capacity: 36

Rate:       $50 – For-Profit Groups
                   $0 – Non-Profit Groups

Tutor Room:

Capacity: 4

Rate: $0 – Non-Profit Groups Only

Rockton Centre Branch, 3112 N. Rockton Ave.

Capacity: 23

Rate:       $50 – For-Profit Groups
                   $0 – Non-Profit Groups

East Branch, 6685 E. State St.
Friends of Rockford Public Library Community Room:

Capacity: 65

Rate:       $100 first 4 hours; $25 for each additional hour – For-Profit Groups
                   $25 first 4 hours; $10 for each additional hour – Non-Profit Groups

2 Quiet Study Rooms:

Capacity:   Hold 4 people - maximum 3 hour
                      time limit - sign up at checkout desk

Rate:         Free

Montague Branch, 1238 S. Winnebago St.
Connie Lane Room:

Capacity: 50

Rate:       $50 – For-Profit Groups
                   $0 – Non-Profit Groups


Capacity: 25

Rate:       $50 – For-Profit Groups
                   $0 – Non-Profit Groups

Hart Interim Library
Conference Rooms 5

Capacity:   Holds 1- 6 people - maximum 3 hour
                      time limit - sign up at the Information desk

Rate:         Free