Space Rental Policy


Library meeting rooms and auditorium shall be available for meetings by other organizations when not needed for library functions. They shall be made available on an equitable basis, regardless of the beliefs or affiliations of individuals or groups requesting their use. The booking procedures and fee structure shall give preference to meetings open to the public and reflect the following order of priority:

1.  Rockford Public Library  
2.  City of Rockford Government Agencies  
3.  Other libraries, public schools, and other governmental agencies 
4.  Non­profit organizations, individuals & groups  
5.  Commercial organizations

Room Agreement

1.  Meeting rooms may be reserved up to three months in advance on a first­-come, firs-t­served basis within priority categories above. Reservations and payments will be accepted up to 48 hours prior to the event and can be handled at any library facility. A billing will be mailed for reservations made up to two weeks prior to an event. A certificate of insurance is required for all organizations as evidence of liability coverage. 

2.  Rates are charged based on the type of the group and the requested room. Please refer to the separate meeting room & fee schedule.  

3.  The Library requires 48 hours notice in advance of the scheduled meeting time if bookings must be cancelled. Cancellations without 48 hours notice and no­-shows will be charged  $10.  

4.  Meeting rooms are open during public service hours. A group representative/designee may gain access to the room up to 15 minutes before scheduled meeting time.  

5.  Kitchen facilities are not available at any location. Simple refreshments may be brought in. The group assumes responsibility for cleaning up the room. Custodian services will be charged at $25 per hour for special cleaning. Food and/or uncovered beverages are not permitted outside the meeting rooms.  

6.  Failure to notify staff when leaving the meeting room will result in a $10 fee.  

7.  Organizations using the meeting rooms agree to assume full liability for any losses or damage beyond reasonable wear that may occur to the building or equipment. The sponsoring organization will also be responsible for setting up, cleaning up and returning the furniture to the original arrangement except in the Main Library auditorium.  

8.  Performers or authors presenting at library programs, or their representatives, may sell materials in the auditorium or meeting rooms. Commercial organizations may charge for registration and selling of products related to the business of the organization. A certificate of insurance is required for commercial rate usage.  

9.  No parties of any kind will be allowed in any of the meeting rooms.  

10. Public parking is available at all facilities. The Library is not responsible for parking tickets or towing that might take place if city parking rules are violated. 

11. The Library will not be responsible for personal property belonging to groups and individuals using the Library.

12. Equipment can be reserved on a first-­come, first­-served basis. Additions or changes must be made no later than 48 hours prior to the event.  

13. Alcoholic beverages and tobacco products may not be dispensed or consumed in any part of the Library except as provided in the Library’s Alcoholic Beverages Policy.  

14. Use of hazardous materials is prohibited.  

15. Patrons reserving the meeting rooms must be 18 years of age or older.  

16. The applicant is responsible for managing behavior of all attendees. Adult supervision is required for any group of minors. Disregard for meeting room policies, misconduct by participants or misrepresentation on the application may result in rejection of an organization’s future applications.  In the event of severe misconduct, library staff may immediately terminate the event/meeting and clear the premises.  

17. Provisions of this policy may be waived or amended under special conditions only by approval of the Library Executive Director or his/her designee.  

18. The Library does not necessarily endorse the views expressed by any group using its meeting rooms. The Library endorses the right of individuals or groups to express their views as long as they abide by the policies and rules governing the use of library meeting rooms.