Manage Fines & Fees

What if my item is lost or damaged?

The Library may charge for replacement of materials missing, lost or damaged.

The cost for repair or replacement of damaged or lost materials will include the cost of the item plus any processing and/or handling fees that may apply.

How much are fines and late fees?

A fine will be charged per day for each item kept after its due date. Late fees and fines vary depending on the item checked out, so download the fee schedule for a complete listing.


Fines and Fees  

Excessive fines may lead to the discontinuation of your library services, so please notify us as soon as possible if you have misplaced an item or think your card may have been stolen.

Overdue Charge Per Day/Per Item
General Collection $0.25
DVDs $1.00
Interlibrary loans $1.00
Maximum fine on items with a $0.25 fine $5.00
Collection agency fee $2.95 and / or $10 per account
Items 24 months overdue may be deleted from database and treated as lost items. Replacement + $10.00 handling and processing fee
Reference loans $1.00 per hour open after time due
Replacement cost per item plus $10 handling and processing fee
Generic paperbacks $8.00
Board books $5.00
Magazines $5.00
AV cases $2.00
AV program notes $2.00
Media item in book $5.00
Reference Loans Three times published price for the latest edition + $10 handling and processing fee or $150 for works not currently published
Storage items that cannot be replaced $100.00