Get A Read & Reward Card

The Read and Reward program gives young people who have lost their library privileges the chance to earn them back. Stop by any RPL location for more information or to sign up for this program.

Who is eligible?

A Read & Reward card can be issued to any resident of the City of Rockford between the ages of 5-18 who has lost their library privileges because of $5.00 or more in library fines.

How does the program work?

The card is good for one year and those who are accepted must stay in the program for the entire year, even if fines/fees are paid in full.

A $1 credit will be given for every book read. To receive the credit for each book, materials must be returned on time to a staff member at the Customer Service desk. Materials may not be checked out and returned immediately to earn credits. The credit will be noted on the customer’s card in the extended information field. The credit is based on the number of books returned.

Customers who return items late on the Read & Reward card and do not pay the new fines immediately are dropped from the Read & Reward program and are ineligible for reentry.  

What library resources can be accessed with the card?
  • There is a checkout limit of 5 books at any one time
  • Books can be checked out for 21 days with 2 renewals if the book is not on hold for another customer
  • Children ages 5-13 are limited to children’s material only, Youth Services and YA areas
  • The card allows access to online digital resources
  • DVDs, Music CDs and other audiovisual material are NOT eligible