Staff Picks

Youth Services Librarian
Little Penguins.
Rylant, Cynthia
Schwartz & Wade Books, 2017.

I guess I’m on a penguin kick (my last staff book pick was also about a penguin!)  It is a great winter theme for sure.  Little Penguins is my February selection and it is delightful.  Authored by Cynthia Rylant and illustrated by Christian Robinson, Little Penguins is illustrated in cold blues and grays, but pops with the colorful, matching scarves worn by the five little penguin chicks in the story.  In the book, the little penguin chicks embrace the cold, winter weather and head outside to go sledding.  But when the snow gets too deep, they call for mama penguin.  She comes to the rescue.  The warmth of the penguin’s igloo house beckons the family inside and the chicks get cozy with jammies, cookies, and juice.  Little Penguins is short and definitely sweet.   For preschool-aged children.

Youth Services Librarian
Ratpunzel, Hamster Princess Book 3
Vernon, Ursula
Dial Books for Young Readers, 2016

Harriet the no-longer-so-invincible hamster princess is back to save yet another damsel in distress. What starts out as an egg rescue mission turns into so much more when Princess Harriet and her friend Prince Wilbur find a rat with an exceptionally long tail stuck in a tower. Prince Wilbur's pet hydra, Heady, has had her beloved egg stolen, so Wilbur asks Harriet for help. The clues lead to a gerbil called Dame Gothel, who is friends with Wilbur's mom. They follow Dame Gothel and discover Ratpunzel stuck in a tall tower. Their egg retrieval plot has just turned into a rescue operation of fantastical proportions. Harriet has ever let anything stand in her way before, and she's not about to start now. Be sure to read this third installment in Ursuala Vernon's Hamster Princess series to see how Princess Harriet saves the day this time.



Librarian Assistant - Youth Services
The Ghost Hunter's Handbook: Supernatural Explorations for Kids
Walsh, Lisa Gardner. 
J 133.1 Walsh
Down East Books, 2016.

I really liked this book because it did not assume that you knew anything about ghost hunting! It started out with the basics: definitions, history of ghosts and ghost hunting, and some of the founding people of ghost hunting. In between these informational sections are woven some really great ghost stories. It also gives an explanation of the different kinds of haunting and the signs that you might look for when investigating a haunted house. It describes some of the most famous hauntings and also explores some of the equipment that ghost hunters might use for these investigations. This book contains what I love about non-fiction books; other resources to use to find even more information about this subject!

Youth Services Librarian
Love Monster and the Last Chocolate
Bright, Rachel
Farrar Straus Giroux, 2015

Love Monster is a little bit sad when he returns home from his vacation. When he gets to his door, he sees something that instantly cheers him up—a box of chocolates!  He starts thinking about what kind of chocolates could be inside, hoping for his very favorite, double chocolate strawberry swirl. Then Love Monster thinks that he should share them with all his friends.  After thinking of all the bad things that could happen if he shares, he goes into his house and thinks about eating them all alone. But when he goes to eat them, he realizes it is much better to share with all his friends. Find out what he learns from his friends in this delightful picture book.