Staff Picks

Youth Services Librarian
Alan's Big, Scary Teeth
Jarvis, Peter
Candlewick Press, 2016

Alan the alligator is known around the jungle for scaring the other animals with his big, scary teeth.  After scaring the animals all day, Alan returns to his home at night to take out his false teeth.  Before bed, he always hides his teeth in a secret hiding place. One morning, while trying to avoid Alan, Barry the beaver finds Alan's teeth and hides them from Alan.  When Alan goes into the jungle to try to scare everybody without his teeth, they just laugh at him. Turns out, Alan can't scare anyone without his big, scary teeth. When they see how sad Alan his, his friends decide to give him his teeth back; as long as he follows the rules.

Find out what Alan does when he gets his teeth back in this humorous new picture book.

Youth Services Librarian - July
Brave Like Me.
Beck, W.H
J 355.12097 KERLEY
National Geographic Society, 2016

I’ve had the following reader’s advisory question many times while working in the Youth Services Department: Do you have any books for children whose mom or dad is serving in the military?  I would find a few titles for the customers, but the selections weren’t great. Until now. Now we have a wonderful picture book featuring real kids who have moms and dads serving in the armed forces: Brave Like Me by Barbara Kerley. The picture book is chock full of photographs, some emotional, about kids dealing with their parents leaving for service at home and abroad.  I especially like the positive photos of the children keeping busy while mom or dad is away, doing activities like swimming, playing, helping with chores, and taking care of pets. At the close of the book, there is a section about dealing with separation and what being “brave” means. I would recommend this title to any military parent of young children. For preschool to elementary school-aged kids.