Staff Picks

Youth Services Librarian
Sneezy the Snowman.
Wright, Maureen
Scholastic, 2010

Sneezy the Snowman is always cold!  He thinks a nice warm cup of hot cocoa will help warm him up, but it warms him up too much and makes him melt.  Luckily some children are right there to help rebuild Sneezy.  The children also know what will help keep Sneezy warm:  a hat, scarf and coat.  But when Sneezy finds himself too hot, he wants to take off all of his clothes. It’s the children to the rescue once again as they come up with a plan to keep Sneezy just the right temperature on a cold winter day.

Youth Services Librarian
Bird & Squirrel on the Run!
Burks, James
J 741.5973 BURKS

Squirrel is going about his day, gathering acorns, and preparing for winter when his life is turned upside down by Bird. Squirrel is an anxious critter who has no room in his life for a carefree creature like Bird. Bird, on the other hand, is totally fine with just going with the flow. He knows that somehow things will always work out just right.

This unlikely duo sets off on the road trip of a lifetime as they try to make their way south before winter. There are multiple road bumps along the way, most especially that cat that is hot on their trail. Will they ever make it to their destination on time? You'll have to read it for yourself to see. And be sure to check out their next adventure: Bird & Squirrel on Ice.



Youth Services Librarian
Penguin Problems
John, Jory
Random House, 2016

Poor penguin has problems. He is cold. He is hungry. He can’t even fly. And he thinks that nobody cares. Let’s face it - penguin has a case of existential angst. What can make penguin change his attitude?  Maybe a wise walrus who gives him some good advice about life?  Don’t bet on it This funny picture book will give your elementary-aged kid a chuckle and foster a conversation about what is good and not-so-good about life. For ages 6 on up. 

Librarian Assistant - Youth Services
Dive! World War II Stories of Sailors and Submarines in the Pacific
Hopkinson, Deborah
J 940.5426 Hopkinson
Scholastic Press, 2016

This book is full of the action and adventures that the sailors of World War II faced.  It begins with the attack on Pearl Harbor as told through the eyes of fifteen year old Martin Mathews. Martin had lied about his age to enlist in the Navy because he thought working on a ship would be full of adventure and traveling.  Martin got more than he bargained for when on December 7, 1941, Japan attacked the United States, forcing the country to join the World War. Martin's is just one of the stories of this amazing book. Hopkinson weaves the personal accounts of the fighting with photographs that help bring these battles to life.  The glossary in the back is extremely helpful and so are the suggested websites where even more information can be located.