Staff Picks

Youth Services Librarian
Peep and Egg: I’m Not Hatching
Gehl, Laura
Roaring Book Press, 2016

Peep cannot wait for Egg to hatch. She keeps telling him of all the fun things they can do together such as watching the sunrise and napping in the grass. Egg will have none of it. Afraid to come out of his shell, each time Peep suggests something fun, Egg answers with “I’m not hatching.”  Find out what finally gets Egg out of his shell in this delightful new book. 

Preschoolers will enjoy answering along with Egg throughout the story, which I look forward to using in many upcoming storytimes

Youth Services Librarian
That’s Not Bunny!
Barton, Chris
Disney-Hyperion, 2016

“Hawk versus Bunny” is the theme of this funny picture book.  Hawk sees his opportunity to hunt for a bunny rabbit and goes for it – only to end up capturing the carrot the bunny was holding. Hawk drops the carrot in his nest and tries to strike again. This time he gets a cucumber, and next, a head of lettuce Full of self doubt, Hawk tries to lure bunny with the delicious vegetables in his nest. “Want a salad?” he asks bunny. But clever bunny gets the last laugh in this fast-paced story. The illustrations are wonderful with the feel of a quality animated film. No wonder, the illustrator, Colin Jack, works for DreamWorks Animation. Recommended for children ages 4 on up.

Librarian Assistant
The Story of Diva and Flea
Willems, Mo

The marvelous team of Mo Willems and Tony DiTerizzi tell a delightful story of two unlikely friends in Paris. Diva, a brave little dog who has lived in safety and comfort, discovers life can be much more exciting outside her fenced-in yard.  The adventurous cat, Flea, finds friendship with a dog and discovers life with Diva means a home without a broom.  This book is fun to read with quick short chapters and lively illustrations to charm readers.  I hope this is the beginning of a new series for those who are ready for a chapter book.