Staff Picks

Librarian Assistant
Will in Scarlet
Cody, Matthew
Alfred A. Knopf 2013

Here is a book that takes us back before Robin Hood was the leader of the Merry Men of Sherwood Forest.  The book focuses on young William of Shockley who was born into wealth. His father is away fighting in the Crusades with King Richard when trouble stirs. In the mix of power grabbing, theft, broken friendships and murder Will is forced to grow up fast. As he learns what has happened to his family he must make choices of who to trust and how to survive. Why are there outlaws in the nearby forest? What keeps them there? Will comes to know the outlaws and the Sheriff of Nottingham as never before as well as the evil Sir Guy. There is plotting, fighting, secrets of the forest, and surprising loyalties. I enjoyed this book for giving me a new understanding and exciting adventure of the Merry Men of Sherwood.

Youth Services Librarian
Dirt Boy
Slangerup, Erik Jon
Albert Whitman, 2000

In Dirt Boy, readers meet young Fister Farnello.  He loves playing in the dirt, but there is one thing he does not love--bathtime!  One day, while getting ready for a bath, Fister makes his escape from everything clean.  His mother calls for him but to no avail; Firster runs far away from home.

That night, he finds himself in the woods, he falls asleep not knowing he is sleeping in the belly button of a giant.  This is no ordinary giant; it is Dirt Man, who could be the only person who likes dirt more than Fister.  At first, Fister likes hanging around and playing games with Dirt Man.  He even begins to call himself Dirt Boy.  As he gets dirtier and dirtier he starts to feel a little sad.  When Dirt Man tries to eat him, he knows he must head for home!

Find out how Fister’s mother reacts to seeing him again in this hilarious book.

Youth Services Librarian
The Night World.
Gerstein, Mordicai
Little, Brown and Company, 2015

Caldecott Medalist Mordicai Gerstein has another beautiful book for kids (and adults) to enjoy. The Night World follows a young boy as he wakes in the dark of early morning. His cat, Sylvie wakes him up in bed, with her green eyes glowing. The little boy walks through the dark house and steps outside on his side walk to notice a whole new world, a night world full of animals whispering and shadows changing. "Here it comes" whispers a robin as the sun rises and morning colors emerge. The Night World uses only gray, black, and white illustrations (except for the cat’s eyes) until the end of the book when a burst of sunny color emerges. A great book for a night/day theme or a gentle bedtime story. For early childhood to elementary-aged children.


Mary Poppins & Page Turner
Youth Services Pet Frogs
I'm a frog
Willems, Mo
Hyperion Books for Children, an imprint of Disney Book Group, 2013

Our esteemed frog reviewer, Page Turner says, “Everyone was saying this author writes funny books so I took a look. But as soon as I saw the cover I began to have doubts. What does a pig know about being a beautiful, green, hoppy frog? So I was SO surprised to find myself laughing at Piggy who discovered how great it is to hop! 
“Well, I too, liked this book even though there is no picture of a frog!” croaks Mary Hoppins. “It is great to be a frog! And I hope that everyone tries using their imagination, ribbit!”
 Two frog thumbs up for this book.