Staff Picks

Librarian Assistant
Hiaasen, Carl
Alfred A. Knopf, 2012

This book is my pick for April, in part, because it has an environmental theme, the Everglades. It is also my pick because the author has a great way of showing the lunatic side of some “adults” and the wisdom of some “children”. At the same time he explains real animals and their predicaments with people. There’s a TV star who claims he can survive anywhere, an animal wrangler and a couple of plucky kids who courageously face down dangerous critters of the two and four legged kind. Who gets chomped and who does the chomping? You won’t believe it unless you see for yourself!


Youth Services Librarian
Remembering Mrs. Rossi.
Hest, Amy
Candlewick Press, 2007

Eight-year-old Annie Rossi has a great life. She lives with her mother and father in an apartment on the tenth floor of a building in New York City. Her father is a college professor and her mother is a sixth-grade teacher. Late in the fall of third grade, Annie’s mother gets sick and dies unexpectedly. 

Annie loves her father dearly, but he can’t do things the right way, the way her mother did. When they go out one winter night, her father forgets to tell her to wear her warm winter socks; he insists on reading the paper at breakfast, not talking to Annie; and worst of all, he doesn’t like dogs. 

Annie isn’t always sad. She finds many reasons to be happy, snow day, her father’s birthday, and a summer trip to the beach. The thing that makes her happiest of all is a book that was written by her mother’s sixth-grade students. The book, titled Remembering Mrs. Rossi, contains stories from each of the students and always gives Annie happy feeling when she reads it. 

Read the stories of Annie and her father and the students from Mrs. Rossi’s class in Remembering Mrs. Rossi

Youth Services Librarian
Bunny Cakes
Wells, Rosemary
Dial, 1997

If there is one picture book that I count as an old reliable,” it is Bunny Cakes by Rosemary Wells. Bunny Cakes works for perfectly for this time of year, as well as for the themes of birthdays, siblings, and cooking. Bunny Cakes features Max, little brother to big sis Ruby. Ruby sets about making a fancy cake for Grandmother’s birthday. But Max gets in the way, and keeps dropping the cake making ingredients. Ruby sends him off to the store with a note for each dropped ingredient:  eggs, milk, flour… But Max has his own ideas. He wants “red -hot marshmallow squirter candies.” So Max adds his scribbles to each grocery list. The grocery store man can’t read Max’s writing. But finally, Max draws a picture of the red-hot marshmallow squirter candy and the grocery man realizes what the little bunny wants. Success for Max! Max uses the candy to decorate his own cake for Grandma ‘s birthday–complete with mud and earthworm frosting! For ages 3-6.

Mary Poppins & Page Turner
Youth Services Pet Frogs
Too Many Frogs!
Asher, Sandy
Philomel Books 2005

What good is a story if it isn’t shared? Rabbit has a comfy little life and a solitary story time until one rainy night when there is a knock at his door! “Ooooh, I just loved this book!” croaked Page Turner, our junior frog reviewer. “I just wanted to jump around and settle onto my lily pad and ribbit, I was so happy” sang Mary Hoppins, our senior reviewer. This book gets ‘two thumbs ups’  from Page and Mary this month.