Staff Picks

Librarian Assistant
The Orphan and the Mouse
Freeman, Martha
Holiday House 2014

This book is about a brave mouse named Mary and a courageous girl named Caro who unexpectedly bump into each other and it changes their lives. Their accidental meeting sets off some serious problems for Mary and the other mice that live at the orphanage.  In alternating chapters, we discover how Caro came to live there and the criminals behind the almost perfect home for children.  There is danger and mystery that these unlikely heroes confront. And the memory of another mouse, Stewart Little, plays a part in overcoming evil in this tale of a by-gone time. I think 4-7 graders will especially like it

Youth Services Librarian
The Dumbest Idea Ever!
Gownley, Jimmy
J 741.5973 GOW
Scholastic, 2014

Jimmy is a normal kid.  He gets all As, plays on his school’s basketball team and loves graphic novels.  During his eighth grade year, he comes down with chicken pox and goes back to school only to get sick with pneumonia a few days later.  Altogether, he misses a month of school.  When he goes back to school, he doesn’t care about his grades as much as he did before. 

After starting high school, he gets the idea to write his own comic book.  His first comic is not good.  It is a mix between Lord of the Rings and Star Wars.  After his best friend reads it and tells him it is the worst story ever, his friend encourages him to write a comic about the two of them.  Jimmy thinks this is “the dumbest idea ever” but the more he thinks about it, the more he thinks it could be a really good idea and turn him into a real comic book author. 

Find out what happens to Jimmy during his high school years in the author’s life story.

Youth Services Librarian
Pinkerton, Behave!
Kellogg, Steven
Random House, 2014

Steven Kellogg’s favorite character, Pinkerton, returns in a newly revised anniversary edition, Pinkerton, Behave!   Pinkerton is huge Great Dane who has boundless energy and a love for slippers and licking things.  When he doesn’t respond to his human family’s commands, Pinkerton is taken to obedience school.  He flunks, evening getting an F on his doggy report card.  But one night, as Pinkerton dreams of getting an A in dog class, a burglar breaks in to his family home.  In his typical over-enthusiastic way, Pinkerton overwhelms the crook with slobbery kisses and a game of “fetch.”  The robber is caught, and Pinkerton gets a much deserved grade his report card: an A.  

Pinkerton is featured in five titles, including Pinkerton, Behave!  The reason for the 35th anniversary revised edition of Pinkerton, Behave! is that in the original title, the burglar was holding a handgun.  This illustration was changed in the new edition – the crook now holds a flashlight.  This entertaining book is recommended for kids ages five and older, and for kids who love funny dogs!