Staff Picks

Youth Services Librarian
The Lost Property Office
Hannibal, James R.
Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, 2016

Jack and his sister Sadie are supposed to wait in the hotel room until their mother returns from looking for their father, but a quick trip to the lobby for snacks turns into an unexpected adventure in London when Sadie is sure that she's seen their dad outside. Soon Jack finds himself on a race against the clock and The Clockmaker. With the help of a clerk named Gwen they just might be able to save Jack's dad and hopefully all of London.  
This story is an action-packed page-turner! I was right there with Jack and Gwen as they tried to unravel the mystery of who The Clockmaker is and what the mysterious artifact is that he seeks. I can't wait to read the next book in the series.  

Youth Services Librarian
The Three Little Fish and the Big Bad Shark.
Geist, Ken.
Scholastic, 2007

This deep-sea version of The Three Little Pigs finds mama fish sending her three little fish out into the sea to make their own homes. The first little fish decides to make his house out of seaweed; but just as he finishes building his house the big bad shark comes knocking on his door and smashes in the seaweed house. Luckily, the fish escapes and helps his brother build a house out of sand.  Just when they think it is safe, the big bad shark comes knocking on the door and destroys the sand house too. The brothers escape and seek refuge in an old wooden ship with their sister. When the big bad shark comes knocking on the door of the wooden ship, he is in for a big surprise!  Find out what happens to the shark and the three fishes in the The Three Little Fish and the Big Bad Shark.  

Youth Services Librarian
A Good Day for A Hat
Fuller, T. Nat
Abrams Appleseed, 2017.

I love the theme of “hats” for story time. Wearing assorted hats, making paper hats, and reading stories about hats is great fun. The classics Caps for Sale by Esphyr Slobodkina and The Hat by Jan Brett are always on my hat-themed story time list.  I have found a new title that will join these classics on my list: A Good Day for A Hat.  I noticed it last week on the library’s new picture book shelf right away.  It has a bright, retro-looking cover, and inside, a delightful story about Mr. Brown (a brown bear) and his need for the perfect hat. Whatever the weather or situation, Mr. Brown finds that he has the perfect hat.  Even when there is a “great fire-breathing dragon” outside, Mr. Brown has a “hat for that” (a knight’s metal helmet). But all the multiple changes of hats makes Mr. Brown late to visit his friend’s house. Mr. Brown arrives late, wearing all his hats just in case. Miss Plum, his friend, and her guests, have a big surprise for Mr. Brown (hint…it involves a birthday hat!)  A Good Day for A Hat is a cute story for the pre-school set and fun title for a participatory story time.  

Librarian Assistant - Youth Services
Freaky Stories from Beneath the Sea
McAneney, Caitie
Gareth Stevens Publishing, 2016

This is a newer non-fiction series that offers titles on a variety of topics. Some titles include Freaky Stories from Beneath the Sea, Freaky Space Stories, Freaky Stories While You Sleep, and Freaky Stories about the Paranormal.

Some of the interesting facts listed in the “Beneath the Sea” book from the series:  Have you ever heard of the Freaky Frilled Shark?  It is a rarely sighted type of shark that is considered to be a living fossil.  It has not changed much over the last 80 million years.  Scientists know this because they can compare live specimens of this shark to fossils that have been discovered.  These sharks have over 300 needle-like teeth and stay down deep in the ocean.  Another cool fact from the book:  In 1996, archaeologists found a sunken city in a bay near Alexandria, Egypt. They discovered that this was once an ancient part of the city. The find included statues, temples, monuments, and the foundation of what they believe was a palace. I loved the freaky facts section on each page.  These books are filled with great pictures, a glossary in the back and also include a section where you can find more information.