The majority of our databases can be used from your home computer if you have a Rockford Public Library card.
Databases Key
Databases that require a library card number.
Databases Key
Databases ONLY available for use at the library.
Databases Key
Databases that can be accessed from home, but need authorization and a password. This is available by calling the Adult Services Department at (815) 965-7606, option 4.

Jobs and Careers

Jobs and Career e-Books
Requires a library card
Jobs & Careers e-Books via Credo
Reference USA
Requires a library card
Search for information on over 14 million U.S. businesses and 89 million U.S. households. Also search for jobs, location, and industry opportunities.
Testing and Education Center
Available only at library
Search for scholarships; access test preparation books; take practice tests for the GED and other exams; access information about colleges, graduate schools, and careers