David Seebach's Wonders of Magic!

David Seebach's Wonders of Magic!
Saturday, October 29, 2016 - 14:00

David Seebach returns to the Nordloff Center at 2:00 pm on Saturday, October 29th with a Halloween-themed program of mystery, surprises, thrills and lots of laughter. This is his fourth appearance at the Nordloff and he is bringing a new mix of family-friendly magic, grand illusion and audience participation. The magician will be joined onstage by three lovely aides in colorful costuming and he will be further assisted by Wiggins, a large and friendly rabbit.

 The presentation will be wonderful entertainment for children, but Seebach's skill is that it is not a 'kiddie' show; adults will have much fun in witnessing what happens when youngsters from the audience join the magician onstage.

 The show includes a light-hearted tribute to Harry Houdini who died on Halloween in 1926 and a brand-new mystery about Lizzie Borden, the infamous New England teen of the 1800s.

 There's even an eerie interlude with a lovely witch and a broomstick. You won't believe this uncanny demonstration of levitation!

 Did you ever wonder if zombies are real? Voodoo is the subject of another feature new to the Nordloff.

 The magician accomplishes all his Halloween mysteries without any blood or gore; nightmares are not on the menu.

 You'll laugh. You'll gasp. You'll LOVE David Seebach's 'Wonders of Magic.'

 This program is free to the general public. Doors open at 1pm.